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Recently we had the chance the head out to Colorado and hang out w/ our good friends @Churchfront.

If you're not familiar with Churchfront, you will be soon!

While we were working on some video collaborations together, Jake and I sat down, turned on the cameras, and had a great conversation about an important topic.

See, we both have our background in worship leading and most often lead from guitar.

But there's been a seismic shift in band responsibilities over the last several years, from overwhelmingly guitar focused to now often featuring keys just as much if not more than guitar.

But how can you empower and grow the keys position at your church when it seems like modern worship music is a never-ending, breakneck sprint towards the next trend?

In our discussion Jake and I highlight Four Ingredients that are necessary for successfully empowering and growing the keys position at your church.

These ingredients are a must learn, whether you're the keys player yourself or the worship leader interfacing with your volunteers.

A big thanks to Jake for taking part in this amazing conversation.

Click play to learn the four ingredients in this new video!



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