Picture this- You're the worship keys player for your church this Sunday, you practice your parts, prepare your sounds, and show up to rehearsal ready to go.


Then you find out that the set has switched to an acoustic set, with you as the primary musician.


What do you do?


The parts and sounds you have prepared won’t feel right when you’re the only one playing. So how do you adapt? Or maybe you saw on Planning Center that the band would only feature drums, bass, acoustic, and your keyboard so you prepared to fill a lot of space. Then you show up to soundcheck and the worship leader has recruited two electric guitarists to fill in, and all your parts are out the window!


As keys players, we're expected to be masters of not just any context, but also of quickly switching contexts. It's not as simple as 'just sound like the recording'.


This video will teach you how to play keys in several different contexts, whether it's a large team running tracks, a small acoustic band, or somewhere in between. You'll even learn some of the parts and sounds you might play with those kinds of groups.



Steve Hammes
Steve Hammes 09/11/2023

Thank you for the video! Would it be possible to also give the name of the patch that you were using, when suggesting to use a patch similar to what you are playing? That way it’s a starting point for people who are new to Sunday sounds.

Thank you.

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