Some of the most awkward moments of a church service tend to happen during moments of transition.


Like going from an upbeat song, to a much slower one in a new key, or waiting, and then waiting some more for someone to walk on stage to do announcements. And then there are the times where you start an intro to a song too soon and end up repeating it five, six, or seven times as you wait for the closing prayer to wrap up, or the drummer to start the click track (we love you, drummers!)


The good news is, it doesn't take a whole to lot to prepare for these sometimes awkward, and usually unplanned moments, in this video, you'll learn practical tips on transitions to help your band minimize distractions so you can approach these moments with confidence.




Roger Welsh
Roger Welsh 22/12/2022

Hi David, I have the Mainstage3 with the older Sunday keys. If I want the new Sunday keys app what do I need to do?

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