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It's Saturday afternoon and you're enjoying some downtime knowing you have this Sunday off when-


You get a text from your worship leader asking;


Can you play tomorrow?


Familiar with the situation I just described?

  • Perhaps the scheduled keys player called in sick,
  • Or someone forgot to send out the Planning Center requests on Monday, (surely this never happens, right?)
  • Or maybe you were already preparing for Sunday, but the Song List just changed


While hopefully rare, sooner or later this is bound to happen to you.


Today's video will show you how to build a complete worship piano setlist, blazing fast, that sounds amazing. 



Plus, if you have an Active Sunday Keys License, you can download the exact same Patches I use in this video and play it in the App.


Click here for the Shared Setlist


Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson 04/05/2023

What computer system do I need to have. Is this an app I can download using an pad and patch use my MO8 keyboard? I’ve never used patches, so not very familar with technology.

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Windy Brass Synth - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!


Windy Brass Synth - Free MainStage & Ableton Worship Patch!

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