There are lots of choices for great in-ear monitors, and it can be confusing which ones to pick! I must confess I've tried a LOT of the budget in-ear options out there.

In this video I'll share the ones I liked, loved, and hated.

We recommend choosing models “without mic” as cables with a built-in mic can sometimes cause interference issues with different stage monitor boxes/wireless packs.

BEST Universal In-Ear - KZ AS16

CHEAPEST Universal In-Ear - KZ ZST

Balanced, 5 Drivers - KZ AS10

Good Bass, 4 Driver - KZ ZS5

Better Bass and Clarity, 5 Driver - KZ ZS10 Pro

*New, Upgraded Version of the ZS10 featured in this video - smaller, cheaper, better cable, metal faceplate

Shure SE215

Better Warranty and Build Quality, Single Driver (If sound quality is more important, go for the KZ models)

Replacement Foam Buds/Tips

*Make sure you research the correct size for which model in-ears you own, most KZ models seem to work with Comply Tx-500

Upgraded Cables

*Make sure you research the correct cable for the model in-ears you own


64 Audio

Ultimate Ears


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Tony Collins
Tony Collins 26/02/2022

Any experience / recommendations with wireless in ear monitors?

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