Playing piano on your worship team can be intimidating, especially given that today's modern worship songs tend to contain multiple piano parts, synth leads, organs, pads, strings and the list goes on.


If you're just starting out on keys - or even if you've been playing for a while, this video is for you. You'll learn how to take a simple worship chord progression and transform it into something that flows smoothly and melodically - perfect if your goal is to glue together your worship band.


So follow along as we learn the basics of how to play worship piano for beginners.

Bryantloago 19/01/2022

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William Stoup
William Stoup 15/01/2022

Good beginner tips. Check out Michael McDonald vids he was a sus2, sus4 kinda guy. How about a vid on advanced gospel chord progression creation using altered chords.

Laura P
Laura P 13/01/2022

I’ve been playing piano for over 50 years, and keyboards just in the last few. While I’ve learned some of these tips already, this is VERY well explained. (While I’ve always learned more easily by “note reading”, etc., this explanation helps my brain merge my skills with the more “free” methods of playing!) Great video!

Terry Smith
Terry Smith 12/01/2022

Great video, I’ve been playing keyboard for 63 years, 30 for a living. One of the main things I’ve encourage players on worship teams to do is learn the charts, spend the time to memorize so that during the worship service you can truly worship rather than practice how to execute some written music or a chord chart. None of this type of teaching was around when I was young just school of mistakes.. Again great job



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