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We're excited to share this patch demo video with you where David from Sunday Sounds digs into the “Ambient Echos” patch included in Sunday Keys.

Check out the video, then click the "Discover Sunday Keys" button below to find out how Sunday Keys can change the way you play worship keys live.

The Ambient Echos patch is among our favorite additions to the last update of Sunday Keys. It gives you the ability to dial in an authentic electric guitar lead sound and play those melodies on your keyboard.

You can blend in the synth volume on the Ambient Guitar in Section 4 to get a more synth-like sound and add some extra distinction to your notes. This is a really great way to cover lead lines in a pinch!

The combination of pads in sections 1-3 give some really great options to modify your sound including a sidechain or pulse effect which you can sync up easily with your click track.

Learn more about each layer in the “Ambient Echos” patch below!

Check Out the Sounds in this Layered Patch!

Euphoria Pad.jpg

An airy pad that fills space and shines in the upper frequency range.

Gentle Pad.jpg

A very warm pad that uses the filter to build harmonically.

Pad Organ.jpg

A very modern organ pad sound that works great in many songs.

Start listening for this sound in your favorite albums… you might be surprised where you hear it!

Ambient Guitar.jpg

An ambient electric guitar drenched in reverb layered with a synth guitar-style pluck. Works great for chords and to cover if you don’t have a guitar player.

sk1.4 macbook.png

🎹 30 layered worship patches + tons of unique worship sounds to use with Patch Builder!

💻 Super simple installation process and comprehensive video tutorial/resource page!

🎛 User Friendly Interface this template is pre-mapped to the Korg nanoKontrol 2; controlling the template and making adjustments easy!

🗒 NOTES functionality for every patch in Sunday Keys. Just click on the patch name to see helpful notes about the preset, layers, effects, combinations to try, and more!


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Free MainStage Worship Patch! - Saw Blade Arp


Free MainStage Worship Patch! - Saw Blade Arp

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