Need a warm pad to glue your band together?

Want to be able to adjust your pad's brightness dynamically as the song builds?

How about the overall "feel" of your pads? Ever wish the pad would fade in a bit slower, or die out a tad quicker?

I put together this video with 5 Tips for Amazing Worship Pad Sounds.

After the video, you'll have a few more tools in your sound design toolbox.

These are principles that you can apply to your favorite pad sounds, whether you are using MainStage, Ableton Live, or even a hardware synthesizer.

Leave a comment and let me know what tip was your favorite!


Tony Collins
Tony Collins 19/02/2022

Are these sounds in the SK 2022 template? I looked but couldn’t find these pad sounds….such as breath pad.

Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell 19/02/2022

Really cool how one of those pads had a built in arpeggiator. I am going to have to tinker around with some of my pads now. Amazing walkthrough.

lex 16/02/2022

ik heb moeiten met verschillen kunnen horen zit vast daar door kan mij

Ryan A
Ryan A 16/02/2022

Each tip was solid, but tip 1 was the most impactful for me. Thanks for this equipping video!



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