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Wonder why people can't hear the piano in the mix?

Feel like your playing doesn't quite match the style of your band?

Frustrated when your hardware seems to have a mind of its own?


These are all common issues myself and countless other worship musicians have experienced. But you don't have to be stuck where you are. We put together a quick video breaking down 5 Mistakes Worship Piano Players should avoid. These are things I wish I had known about when I was just starting out on the worship team.


So if you're a new piano player, or a worship leader struggling to train your volunteers, this video is for you. Here's just some of what is covered in the video: how worship piano parts differ from classical style piano playing (and how to bridge the gap if you're classically trained), ways that you might inadvertently drown out your own piano playing, and how to stop wasting time and get your weekend worship practice and prep done faster.




Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes 10/06/2022

“Don’t trust your sound guy” made me laugh out loud. It’s so true though!

Melch 08/06/2022

Great tips. Thanks

Carol Danna
Carol Danna 08/06/2022




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