MAINSTAGE PATCH TUTORIAL: How To Get More From Aliased Channel Strips!

A few days ago I received this question: "I want to use two patches specifically on my keyboard. I want to play a Rhodes EP patch over the entire keyboard and I also want a Square Pad patch available on the lower half only. Now, I also want the Square Pad to only come through at low velocity and I want the Rhodes to layer over the pad at higher velocities (i.e. If I play the lower half of my keyboard softly I'll have a nice pad to layer with my upper half Rhodes, so left hand pad, right hand rhode, BUT if I play harder with my left hand the Rhodes sound will also come in as well in addition to the pad in the lower half of keyboard) Make sense? Is this possible?" I thought this was a great question with a really practical application and yes it is totally possible! Check out the video:



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