Now that your gear is all connected, it's time to start playing!

Below you'll find helpful videos covering the features and functions of Sunday Keys. 
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1. Intro to Sunday Keys features and workspace

In this video you'll gain an understanding of the main features of Sunday Keys and a few important concepts that will carry into the next videos.



2. How to save and load a patch

In this video you'll learn how to use one of the most powerful features in Sunday Keys: how to use the on-screen sound modifiers to tweak a sound then save that patch as a preset.


3. Using patch builder to create patches

In this video you'll learn how the ultra-simple and ultra-powerful Patch Builder works in Sunday Keys. Design beautiful layered patches that are exactly what you need in just a few clicks.


*** if you happen to be one of the users affected by the High Sierra "disappearing labels" bug, then click here to learn the workaround in our Knowledge Base.


4. Using the Tonic Pad Generator

Tonic generates an ambient drone pad in the key of your choice at the touch of a button. In this video you'll learn the basics of how to use Tonic in your live performances.

You can control Tonic via the TouchOSC app on your smart-device or assign it to your midi hardware.

If you want to change Tonic settings automatically when you change patches, check out Video 8.


5. Preparing your SK concert for a performance

Sunday Keys is designed to save you time preparing your MainStage patch and setlists. In this video you'll discover our recommended process for creating patchlists that will help you stay organized and minimize set-up time. 


6. Adding patches from to SK

Sunday Keys is a completely modular MainStage template. That means you have flexibility and control over what sounds go where and how.

To make it super easy for you to add to your palette of sounds, all the song specific patches and MainStage patch libraries at Sunday Sounds are designed to drop right into Sunday Keys. You'll discover how to use these sounds to find new inspiration in this video.


7. How to map your own/3rd party patches to SK

There are thousands of MainStage Factory Presets AND many MainStage patches available for download online so at times you may want to use a patch you or someone else designed within Sunday Keys. It's really easy to do so!

In this video you'll discover how to map a sound to first the "Extra" section, then to a full section in Sunday Keys.


8. Using Tonic Automator

By default Tonic exists at the concert level, which means that you can change patches seamlessly without affecting Tonic. Many times that's exactly what you want, but other times it's nice to be able to change to a new patch (and song) and have Tonic change right along with you. 

To do this in Sunday Keys, you'll need to use the included "Tonic Automator" functionality. In this video we explain the steps required to set-up Tonic Automator and explain how to integrate it into your patches. It's super easy.

*note* the script making the Tonic Automator functionality possible was written by Manuel van Rijn, a member of the Sunday Keys User Community. He has graciously allowed us to make use of his script in official releases of Sunday Sounds products. Thank you, Manuel! 


9. Adding a 2nd keyboard, aesthetic changes, and other modifications to SK

MainStage is super flexible- that's part of what makes it such a great program. What we've done in building Sunday Keys is put together a reliable, easy to understand workspace and approach, but that doesn't mean you can't make SK your own!

In this video we'll discuss several modifications you can make to SK. If you'd like more inspiration regarding possible additions and modifications you can explore, head over the Sunday Keys User Community on Facebook and search for #skmods" to see all the videos we've posted there about this subject. 


10. Troubleshooting (Master Backup, CPU Usage, Connection Issues, Etc.)

SK is designed to be easy to use, but at times you might need a little help sorting out a problem. 


Error Messages during the Installation Process: Click Here

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