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You want to sound your best.

Our flagship template ‘Sunday Keys’ is designed to help you do just that.

Learn more about Sunday Keys for Ableton Live 9/10 > for Mainstage 3 >

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Custom nanoKontrol2 skin

Never grab the wrong fader or knob again with our high-quality nanoKontrol2 skin.

Color-coded and designed for Sunday Keys for MainStage and Ableton.


Sound just like the recording

with patches designed specifically for today’s top worship songs.

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Sunday Guitar: a virtual pedalboard for MainStage 3

Stage ready effects and amp modeling, from your computer.
Flexible preset switching, tap-tempo, and more.

Best-Selling Resources

Brand-New Sound Libraries

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Get your #sundayswag

T-shirts, snapbacks, beanies, oh my!


Learn MainStage, Sound Design, and more

Video courses to help you build confidence and grow your skills


Add the ‘glue’ to your sound

MP3 ambient pad drones you can play from your phone, iPad, or computer.