Tonic Pads Vol 1 - Ambient MP3 Pads

Tonic Pads Vol 1 - Ambient MP3 Pads


Tonic Pads Vol 1 was created after repeated requests for an mp3 ambient pad version of the Tonic section in our Sunday Keys MainStage template.

These ambient pads can be played underneath your band to provide ambience and glue your sound together. These tracks are not specific to any chord progression or tempo, so you can freely move through songs and transitions while the Tonic Pad holds everything together.

You can load these mp3 files into your favorite music software (Ableton, MainStage, Logic, Garageband) or simply play them from iTunes on your computer or smartphone.

Regardless of your playing situation, these Tonic Pads can help make your team sound more cohesive and provide that bit of texture and ambience you've been missing!

Download includes 10 minute long 320K MP3 files for all twelve major keys and requires 300 MB of Hard Drive space.


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