Product License Agreement and Site Terms/Conditions

All products at Sunday Sounds, LLC are sold with a single user/multi device or multi-user/single device license.

This means that an individual may use any products purchased from (or any other website owned by Sunday Sounds, LLC) on as many devices as he/she would like provided he/she is the sole user.

Alternatively, multiple users may make use of a product or products purchased from (or any other website owned by Sunday Sounds, LLC) provided the purchase(s) is only stored on one device.

If multiple users need access to products across multiple devices one additional license must be purchased for each device that will be used.

It is a violation of this License Agreement to distribute any downloads to another individual whether free or paid.

You may use any sounds/presets/templates purchased from Sunday Sounds, LLC in any audio/video recording project whether amateur or for profit.

You may NOT distribute any sounds/presets/patches that use any sounds/presets/patches purchased from Sunday Sounds, LLC as their starting point. As an example, if you designed a patch for a specific song using a piano preset from Sunday Sounds, LLC combined with another synth sound of your own you would not be free to share that patch. Any such distribution whether for profit or otherwise is a violation of this License Agreement and is strictly prohibited.

Sunday Sounds, LLC reserves the right to revoke any user's license to any product(s) when it is deemed said user has violated any term(s) contained within this License Agreement. 

Access to any of the Sunday Sounds Facebook groups may or may not be allowed at any time at the discretion of Sunday Sounds, LLC. We reserve the right to deny or revoke access to any of our Facebook communities for any reason (including but not limited to: not owning a specific Sunday Sounds, LLC product, inappropriate behavior (either in the group in question OR in a public place/forum OR in relation to any associate/employee of Sunday Sounds, LLC), where group membership is deemed to be a conflict of interest by Sunday Sounds, LLC (ie: association with another business determined to be in the same/similar market as Sunday Sounds, LLC), lack of adequate information given, etc) with or without notice.    

Sunday Sounds, LLC is not responsible and waives all liability for any hardware or software issues that may arise as a result of the use of any product or service provided by Sunday Sounds, LLC.