Sunday Keys + Piano Expansions Bundle

Sunday Keys + Piano Expansions Bundle

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Take your live worship keys to the next level while keeping things simple, visual, and intuitive with the Sunday Keys MainStage template.

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"This template has helped get our volunteers right into playing with amazing modern patches that glue right into our unique sound. Sunday Keys has been essential in the expansion of our church campuses and let's anybody get right into the action from the get-go."

Joseph Pecson - Mosaic MSC, Los Angeles, CA


A New, Flexible Approach to MainStage

MainStage is an amazing tool but the learning curve can be steep. That's why Sunday Keys is loaded with MainStage patches perfect for any modern worship song. This template features a revolutionary new workflow called Modular Patch Creation which makes it possible for anyone to create new sounds and presets in seconds, no sound design experience necessary and no more volunteer-intimidating menu diving or searching through endless banks of factory presets.

Sunday Keys is intuitive and easy to understand. Everything you need to know is always visible on-screen. We've seen Sunday Keys used by junior high students all the way up to retiree age. Regardless of your prior MainStage experience, this template is designed to make your preparation easier and your live performances more musical and dynamic.

Check Out How It Sounds


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"Sunday Keys is the MainStage template I wish I would have had on day 1."

When I first started out with MainStage I hit roadblock after roadblock trying to find my way. Most of the patches I designed were disappointing and I know that I confused and frustrated my keys volunteers with the cluttered templates and presets I created for them.

Sunday Keys is the worship template I wish I would've had on day 1. It’s designed to be an all-in-one solution for live worship keys. Modern worship presets, a visual workflow, simple preset creation, and on the fly control all without sacrificing ease of use. Perfect for new MainStage users and veterans alike.

Click “Buy Now” to see why Sunday Keys is the next generation of MainStage template or scroll down to learn more.




With Sunday Keys you can plug in and start making music in minutes. Take control of your sound in preparation and during live performance from your smart phone, from the plug and play nanoKontrol2 midi controller, or from any other midi keyboard or hardware.



Sunday Keys makes it easy to play modern worship music with sounds including warm pianos, shimmery, worship pads, cutting-edge synth leads, and everything in between. Plus with Sunday Keys' modular patch creation you'll be able to create presets of your own with just a couple of clicks.



Everything you need to succeed is included. Learn how to use Sunday Keys with the included Video Training Series, be inspired by other SK users within the private Facebook group, and receive next-level customer support from the Sunday Sounds team if you have any questions along the way.

Sunday Keys
30-day guarantee

  • Template with 20 Presets
  • Modular Patch Creation and Tonic Ambient Pad Generator
  • 10 Video Training Series ($100 value)
  • Access Sunday Keys Facebook group

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Ultimate Sunday Keys
Best Value!

  • Everything in Sunday Keys
  • PLUS 8 Expansion Libraries Including:
  • Anthem Pianos: Piano in 162, Canyon Layers, Anthem Electric Pianos, Totality, Transform, Pads 1 & 2, and BPM1
  • 220+ patches in these 8 libraries, all designed for Sunday Keys and ready to play!
  • BONUS! SK:CORE template ($20 value)
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Sunday Keys + Expansions

  • Everything in Sunday Keys
  • PLUS: Two Expansion Libraries:
  • Anthem Pianos: Piano in 162
  • Anthem Electric Pianos
  • Both designed for Sunday Keys and ready to play!

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You can control Sunday Keys from:

Your smart phone (via the included TouchOSC template*)

Plug and play with the optional Korg nanoKontrol2 

Any midi capable controller

Connect to your soundboard using the built in headphone jack on your Mac or any audio interface

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Sunday Keys makes it easy to prepare and perform. You can:

Design your setlist in advance using modular patch creation or use/tweak the built in worship patches

Take control of your sound in the moment with the intuitive, on-screen sound shaping controls

No matter how you choose to approach it, you'll always know exactly what you're doing thanks to the easy to understand visual workspace.

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Every expansion patch library here at is pre-mapped for Sunday Keys.

Just drag and drop right into the template to find new, inspiring sounds and utilize the exact same modular patch creation workflow. 

Utilize the Tonic Ambient Pad Generator to glue together your live band, fill space when you're missing musicians, and for seamless transitions between songs/keys. 


    Two Concert Files

    These concert files are identical with one pre-assigned to the Korg nanoKontrol2 and the other to TouchOSC. Just choose how you want to control Sunday Keys, plug in, and play.

    Twenty Layered Worship Patches

    These patches are designed specifically for modern worship and are a great fit for almost any modern praise and worship song. You can use these presets as is or use them as jumping off points for dialing in your own sound.

    Modular Patch Creation

    In addition to the 20 layered presets, Sunday Keys features a revolutionary new modular patch creation workflow. In the concert you'll find identical sounds organized by sections (1-4 +Extra). There are 14 different individual sounds (modules) that you can combine in any combination as well as 10 additional auxillary sounds you can layer into any preset as well.

    Modular Patch Creation in Sunday Keys means that there are over 50,000 unique layered patches that can be created with just the stock sounds, not including any of the additional sounds you can craft using the on-screen sound shaping controls! With just a few clicks you're able to select up to four main sounds (plus unlimited Extra section sounds) and combine them to create all new layered patches.

    This next-level patch creation process is unlike any other template we've come across and makes it incredibly easy to design new presets.

    Tonic Ambient Pad Generator

    This one-of-a-kind feature generates an ambient drone pad in the key of your choice at the touch of a button. Use the XY transform pad to dial in just the right character for the drone or use the "Movement" button to automate the sweep of the transform pad.

    By default the Tonic Ambient Pad Generator is assigned to be controlled via the TouchOSC app on any smartphone in both concert files. This is a really simple and intuitive way to control Tonic. You can also re-assign Tonic to be controlled by your midi controller's drum pads, buttons, or even keys.

    10 Lesson Video Training Course

    When you purchase Sunday Keys you'll find a link in the readme file to enroll in the Sunday Keys Video Training Course 100% free. In these ten lessons David walks through the installation process, lays a foundation for different ways the template can be used, and even walks through more advanced functions, importing patches of your own, and making modifications to the template.

    You are welcome to share the SK Video Training with your worship team to help them get comfortable with how Sunday Keys works. The video trainings are a favorite feature among many Sunday Keys users!

    TouchOSC Layout File

    It's easy to control Sunday Keys however you'd like. When using the TouchOSC App ($5.00 in the App Store) you can control any function of Sunday Keys from your smart phone. Sunday Keys includes a layout file that you can easily transfer to your phone in order to utilize this great feature.

    Access to the Sunday Keys User Community

    In your readme file you'll find a link to join the private Sunday Keys User Community on Facebook, where you can get ultra fast troubleshooting help, find additional free patch downloads, get inspired by other Sunday Keys users, and where David and the Sunday Sounds team regularly post new tutorials about how to get the most out of Sunday Keys.

    Readme File

    In your readme file you'll find the link to the Sunday Keys Video Training Course as well as your invitation to the Sunday Keys User Community Facebook group.


    Mac computer running MainStage 3.3 or higher

    8 GB of RAM or higher is recommended

    140 MB hard drive space for installation

    Some presets in Sunday Keys utilize the "Legacy" MainStage sound libraray content which you can download from within MainStage using the sound library manager.

    Sunday Keys does not require any third party plugins or instruments. Everything you hear in the demo videos and that you'll find in the download uses 100% stock MainStage plugins, effects, and processing. You can totally use any third party plugins in Sunday KEys that you'd like to, though :)

    The Korg nanoKontrol 2 and touchOSC are not required for use of Sunday Keys. Mappings and touchOSC templates are provided "As Is" with no guarantee of full compatibility.

    At the time of this writing, touchOSC is available for $4.99 from your preferred app provider.

    Please refer to the Sunday Keys Video Training Course for full installation instructions. It only takes a couple of minutes to be up and running! The link to the videos can be found within the Sunday Keys readme file after downloading your purchase.
    Sunday Keys is the only commercially available MainStage template with a 100% money back guarantee. We believe in Sunday Keys, use it personally, and give it to our worship team volunteers to use. This template is being used by thousands of worship teams just like yours every Sunday, all around the world.

    That's why if you are not 100% satisfied with Sunday Keys we’ll give you a full refund, anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase. All we ask is the chance to offer help if you're struggling with a particular issue. Otherwise just let us know within the first 30 days of your purchase if you're not satisfied and you'll receive a full refund of your original purchase price.



Sunday Keys nanoKontrol2 Skin
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