Worship Pads for Ableton: Vol 1 Now Available!


Worship Pads for Ableton: Vol 1 brings 25 new worship pad patches to your toolkit, all designed to glue together the sound of your live band and create memorable, expressive worship moments.

Inside Worship Pads for Ableton: Vol 1 you’ll find:

  • Worship pads that glue together your live band or recording

  • Dreamy, harmonically rich worship pads

  • Vintage-inspired pads perfect for modern worship music

and a wide variety of additional pad textures so you’ll never lack inspiration!

These Ableton Live worship pads can be opened in Ableton Live 9 & 10 Intro, Standard, and Suite.


Worship Pads for Ableton Vol 1 is pre-mapped to Sunday Keys for Ableton. Find out how Sunday Keys for Ableton can be the foundation of your worship keys rig below


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