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Free Course: "Getting Great Guitar Tone in MainStage"

If you're a guitarist using MainStage you've gotta check out this course.

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A Brand New, Free MainStage Course!

In this course you'll learn all you need to know to achieve a successful MainStage rig, on any budget, through simple and concise video instruction.

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MainStage Mastery Training Course - Become a MainStage Master!

If you've been using MainStage for a bit but feel like you still don't have a firm handle on what it can do or you're a new MainStage user who wants..

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Introducing The MainStage Mastery Course

... this was born out of all of the roadblocks and frustrations I ran into as a new MainStage user. I had a terrible time trying to achieve the level of control and quality of sounds that I had been told MainStage was capable of. Because I didn't understand... 

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MainStage Easter Egg- Basic Synthesis Primer

So I get asked all the time "How can I learn the basics of synthesis and sound design?" 

It's a hard question to answer because there is so much to learn and so many places to find knowledge.

But there's one place that's right under your nose and I even overlooked it for a long time...

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ALTAR CALL CHALLENGE! Live Sound Design Screen Capture In MainStage 3

This video is a screen-capture of me attempting the #altarcallchallenge contest which is running now in the DPfaltSound Insiders Facebook group. Go join the group if you'd like to download the patch from this video and make your own submission!

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MainStage Patch Tutorial: How To Balance Your Volume Levels Across MainStage Patches

This is a question I get all the time "How can I keep my sounds consistent" or "Why do my patches sound great at home and like garbage in the venue"? It can be hard to keep pads balanced with lead synths, pianos balanced with organs.

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MainStage As A Step Sequencer Part 2! MainStage Tutorial

After I released a video for a step/midi sequencing technique for MainStage, I got some great feedback and questions on how far this technique could be taken. So I shot a part 2 video where I go even more in-depth. 

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How To Use MainStage As A Step Sequencer: MainStage Tutorial

Hey friends, while MainStage packs an amazing amount of value into that $30 package, there are a few features that I really wish the software included that are unfortunately not available. 

One of those is a midi/step sequencer. A step sequencer allows you to trigger a...

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How To Change The Key Of A Song Specific Patch

Here's a quick video on how to transpose one of the song specific patches on our site to any other key. It's quick and easy!

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MainStage Tips And Tricks: Automatic Plugin Bypass Tutorial

Hey friends, if you're trying to save CPU check out this quick video on setting up automatic plugin bypass in MainStage!

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