Sunday Keys Now Compatible with Ableton Live Intro!

Hey worship keys players, we have some very exciting news for you... Sunday Keys for Ableton is now compatible with Ableton Live Intro! We want great worship keys sounds to be accessible for as many keys players as possible, and making an Ableton Live Intro version of the template really makes that possible.

Sunday Keys for Ableton can be used if you have any of the following Ableton Live 9 or 10 versions on Mac or Windows:

  • • Ableton Live Intro
  • • Ableton Live Standard
  • • Ableton Live Suite

You get the same great sounds in every version of the Sunday Keys for Ableton Template... with no third party plug-ins or instruments required!


Ableton Live 10 Intro can be purchased from Ableton's website for only $99. If you want to jump into an Ableton Live keys rig, this is your most affordable option (besides purchasing a second-hand copy of Ableton Live 9 Intro).

Because Ableton Live Intro is less expensive than the Standard or Suite versions, there are some limitations to the software.. Despite this, we were still able to create a fully functional worship keys template!

Wanting to know how Sunday Keys for Ableton sounds? Click the button below to head over to the Sunday Keys for Ableton product page and view our demos!


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