Sunday Bass MainStage Bass Template Is Here!

Sunday Bass for MainStage 3 puts studio grade processing power for your bass guitar at your fingertips. Blend between the sound of a mic'd amp cabinet and a studio DI, apply compression, drive, fuzz, reverb, and more as you sculpt bass tones you've never been able to achieve before without expensive rack or FX pedal equipment. Sunday Bass also functions as a hybrid electric bass/synth bass rig featuring four go-to synth bass sounds that you can trigger from your midi keyboard at any time.

Dial in the perfect bass tone for your setlist, for each song in your set, or even for different sections of the same song and then easily switch between your presets during live performance


Sunday Bass features a fully integrated touch screen experience. Control every parameter from your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device via the TouchOSC app and the included TouchOSC template. You can also assign the parameters in Sunday Bass to your existing midi hardware controller or foot control board.

Take control of your bass tone like never before, achieve total flexibility and control, and derive inspiration from your new Sunday Bass rig!

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