Stratus, Dynamic Worship Patches for MainStage!

Stratus, Dynamic Worship Patches for MainStage 3 is an inspiring MainStage sound library from Sunday Sounds producer Ryan Wussow, the second entry in his Cloud Series of sound libraries. Stratus features twenty-five MainStage worship patches perfect for the modern keys player. The patches found in Stratus have been specially designed to help you cover a vast range of “lead type” sounds.

“Back in 2017 I created Cirrus, the first installment of my Cloud Series, in order to provide worship keys players with my favorite staple pad sounds. My goal was to give keys players a pallete of sounds that could suite any modern worship music. I kept the same goal in mind while designing Stratus… but this time I wanted to focus on the sounds that often accompany pads: Synth Leads, Ambient Leads, Ambient Pianos, Hybrid Pianos, Synth EPs, Plucks, Arps, and more!

For the past few years, modern worship music has REALLY embraced lead keys parts (we still love you guitarists!). Stratus is my way of providing worship keys players with sounds that fit right into this role. So many tonal possibilites exist for worship keys- as such, you will find a WIDE VARIETY of sounds inside Stratus!

Music isn’t static, and your sounds shouldn’t be either! Stratus includes detailed sound-shaping controls, mapped to the mod wheel, so you can dial these sounds in to have just the right character! And… when you use Stratus within our flagship, Sunday Keys MainStage Template you'll find entirely new levels of flexibility and expression via Sunday Key's signature modular and modifier based functionality.

Sepcial thanks to everyone who has supported my Cirrus sound library. I hope that you find Stratus to be a great addition to the "Cloud” series!” 

-Ryan Wussow


The Cloud Series (Stratus & Cirrus) sound libraries are a huge value for worship keys players, so we created a bundle for a discounted price! You can check out our Stratus & Cirrus bundle by clicking this link.

We hope that you'll check out these libraries! We would love to hear your feedback on them.
On behalf of the whole SS team, thanks in advance for the support!


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