Prism Vol 1- Omnisphere 2 Worship Patches Is Now Available!

Hey friends, I am very excited to introduce Prism Vol 1! This is our first Sunday Sounds release that utilizes Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2 plugin!


Prism Vol 1 features a wide variety of staple presets designed for modern worship music. Inside you’ll find epic pads, powerful dance synths and bass presets, arps and sidechain sounds, and even Rhodes and Wurlitzer presets sampled from my vintage electric pianos.

This release includes a total of of 30 Omnisphere patches, 10 multis, and 8 custom recorded soundsources.

We’ve received too many requests for Omnisphere worship patches to count, with many looking to begin to unlock the power of Omni 2 within our flagship Sunday Keys MainStage Template. You’ll be able to use the presets in Prism Vol 1 in the DAW of your choice and Sunday Keys users will find our signature hands-on modifier control ready to go when using Prism w/ Sunday Keys. 

Omnisphere is a truly amazing instrument and we’re so excited to offer these inspiring new worship presets for Omnisphere 2 users.

This sound library is pre-mapped for our Sunday Keys MainStage template!

**You must own an up-to-date and fully authorized version of Omnisphere 2 to use Prism Vol 1**


Check out this video walkthrouh for the different sounds included in Prism Vol 1!

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