New Waves Vol 1- Omnisphere 2 Worship Patches Is Now Available!

New Waves Vol 1, the premiere sound library release from Colin Dennard is here! Click the button to go check it out!

“These patches represent the sound of Mosaic, as well as my sound.” - Colin

We're so excited to release New Waves in collaboration with Colin. The library includes 30 of his signature worship patches used on hit songs like "Tremble", "Glory & Wonder", "Unknown", and more.

Check out this video of New Waves and watch Colin demo some of his favorite patches from the release!


A big thanks to Colin for trusting us to partner with him in making his signature sounds available for all worship musicians to enjoy. Colin and the Sunday Sounds team know you're gonna love these sounds!

This sound library is pre-mapped for our Sunday Keys MainStage template!

**You must own an up-to-date and fully authorized version of Omnisphere 2 to use New Waves Vol 1**



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