MainStage Mastery Training Course - Become a MainStage Master!

If you've been using MainStage for a bit but feel like you still don't have a firm handle on what it can do OR you're a new MainStage user who wants to become confident in how to use it quickly OR you've been using MainStage with decent results but want to make sure you're using it to it's full potential----

----You may be interested in our MainStage Mastery Course!


Our MainStage Mastery Course is a comprehensize four module,  20 video-lesson course that will take you from A to Z in MainStage in a simple, easy to understand way. If you'd like to make huge progress in MainStage within a short amount of time, then the MainStage Mastery Course is for you.

Click the button above to go enroll in the course now, or read keep reading for more info!

In the MainStage Mastery Course, You'll Learn:

  • How to connect and assign your midi and audio hardware
  • A simple, easy to apply MainStage workflow
  • How to create a custom layout that's ideal for your playing situation
  • The ins and outs of MainStage's built in sounds and how to easily tweak them
  • How to map features and FX in MainStage for on-the-fly control and flexibility
  • How to put together smart and efficient preset lists
  • and many more advanced features of MainStage like playing backing tracks, MainStage's midi and layering functions, and an introduction to MainStage's instrument and FX plugins

MainStage is so versatile there are near limitless ways to approach it so this course lays out what has worked for us, reliably, for over many years. We guarantee it will work for you too!

Check out the MainStage Mastery Course Curriculum:



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